Women’s March Across California: Photos


Serena Phanitdasack

Sisters pose in costume during Women’s March San Jose in 2018

The Script staff traveled to four California cities to take photos, talk to marchers, and understand different perspectives surrounding the 2018 Women’s March. For extended coverage, see yesterday’s immersive multimedia story.

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  • Leaders and community organizers lead the Women’s March San Francisco

  • Two children stroll with their family in Oakland during Women’s March 2018

  • Crowds form in Oakland for Women’s March 2018

  • Crowds sing and chant in union during Women’s March Oakland

  • “We should be the speakers in this march — speak our voices about Trump and sexual assault.” -Andy and Anne, Women’s March San Francisco

  • Frank, attending Women’s March San Francisco, said “Women are distreated, ignored in healthcare, economic, and political aspects.”

  • Joe said, “Diversity. I think there is not enough justice in our country, women and men, different colors, immigrants. We should stand out for them,” at Women’s March San Francisco.

  • A young boy sends a message at Women’s March San Francisco

  • Tom is marching “for respect, for support, and for the equality that women deserve,” in San Francisco.

  • Crowds rally the streets of San Francisco

  • A woman proudly holds a sign in front of San Francisco City Hall

  • Holding signs and posters, men, women, and children join together for the Women’s March.

  • Crowds march and chant loudly in San Francisco

  • A woman sits outside the beginning of the San Diego Women’s March

  • Kate and Malia attend Women’s March San Diego “to empower and educate women.”

  • A gender inclusive sign at Women’s March San Diego

  • Crowds organize in front of cruise ships at the San Diego downtown pier

  • Marchers crowd the downtown streets of San Diego on January 20th.

  • A dog stroller is decorated for Women’s March San Diego

  • A United Action contingent chapter marches in San Diego

  • Amy and Natalia, age 11 and 8, march with their signs in San Diego

  • A Mexican flag waves before the start of Women’s March San Diego

  • A Kumeyaay Tribe flag reminds onlookers that parts of San Diego are stolen tribal land

  • Marchers and dancers organize during Women’s March Oakland

  • A mother and daughter prepare to march in Oakland

  • A statue of liberty-dressed marcher rallies in Oakland

  • Creative signs are featured at Women’s March Oakland

  • A portion of the crowd organized for Women’s March San Jose

  • A Donald Trump costume held the center of attention at Women’s March San Jose

  • A little boy lifts a sign during the start of Women’s March San Jose

  • A rainbow LGBTQIA Pride flag waves in San Jose

  • Marchers interacted on January 20th in San Jose

  • Unique signs flooded downtown San Jose for Women’s March 2018

  • Sisters pose in costume during Women’s March San Jose in 2018

  • A sign flanks the skyline in San Jose

  • Colorful posters held during Women’s March San Jose draw attention to a powerful message

  • A small boy holds a hand-made sign during Women’s March San Jose

  • A sea of posters was observed in downtown San Jose

  • Women’s March San Jose featured marchers young and old

  • A marcher holds a hand-crafted sign with a loud message

  • The total crowd of marchers in San Jose

  • A marcher calls other to action in San Jose

  • An attendee holds a sign representing Women of Color during Women’s March San Jose

  • A happy marcher poses during Women’s March San Jose

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