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Club Day: Explore Your Passions and Join the Community

Chemistry Club’s Booth

So why should you join a club at Foothill College? If you want to have that college connection with your peers with shared interests and similar goals, then joining a club may be something to consider.

Even if you don’t know what Club Day entails, you will certainly see it happen when it takes place. It’s a whole event filled with good ambiance, music, and tasty food, and it all takes place right smack in the middle of the Foothill quad outside the library. 

On October 11, 2023, Club Day kicked off on a strangely warm day for the fall season. Each year, new clubs crop up among the already existing clubs such as the Anthropology club, Computer Science club, BSS Student Lounge club, etc. Clubs set up their booths, some with intricate and interactive displays and some just bare bones with a banner and a piece of paper with a QR code taped onto their booth. Nonetheless, these are self-starting individuals who want to share their passions with other students and want to tell you why you should join their club.

Brian from Weightlifting Club gave an impassioned comment when asked what prompted him to start the club: “Our goal is to get a good community going at Foothill for everyone to start lifting no matter how strong you are—if you are just starting or if you have been lifting for 2-3 years.”

He acknowledges that there are hurdles before he and his team will be able to get the club up and running (like the weight room at Foothill having been closed since 2020), but this does not dissuade him. “We have got a couple of petitions to help show that there’s enough demand for people that are trying to lift and trying to get better physically, mentally as well. So, we’re just here to build a community—that’s our founding principle at heart.”

Jazz Bloom, who has taken on the responsibility of restarting the Filipino Club had this to say: “I noticed that there wasn’t a Filipino Club that was active. There are so many Filipinos in the Bay Area, especially youth students affected by many issues such as imperialism and immigration, we really want to advocate for ourselves and integrate with the history and connect with other culture clubs.”

Jharna Sutaria is excited to get the Creative Writing Club up and running this year. “We just started and we’re having an event at the end of January and this club is for all majors and its different types of creative writing. The founders of this club are the winners of the RSLS event. We won the Creative writing category…so that’s why we started this club to encourage other people to join RSLS as well.”

Alexander from the Rocketry Club is giving a warm welcome to all newcomers to this new club. “[We are] getting a bunch of people together to build rockets, design rockets, fly rockets safely, and compete in some collegiate-level competitions. Really, the club might be intimidating—everyone’s scared of rocket science—but it’s open for anyone who wants to join. There’s no experience required. We’re going to be walking you through how to design the rocket. We’ll be teaching you all the physics and we’ll be with you there to launch the rockets. We’re also giving you the time to delve deeper into the field with some high-power rocketry and compete in those rocketry competitions later in the year.”

Kegan, the founder of New Car Club gave a brief overview of the club’s plans. “So we meet up by the solar panels over by the parking lot behind the library and WLC, and then we’ll go drive on Highway 9—anyone’s welcome. We’re building a go-kart this quarter, so if anyone’s interested in learning how to do basic welding, any kind of engineering. We [also] have a shop with A2 post lift and welding equipment. You can install any parts you guys want, any maintenance, free car washes to whoever pulls up to the shop. We have that and [are available for] anyone that wants to join the car meets.”

When asked what their club is about, a representative from the now-revived VR club stated: “The VR club is about exposing students to emerging technologies and letting students who are already aware of it, giving them a place to be able to develop and grow their interest in VR. We have connections within the school to create content for the school as well as Stanford and St. Clair University, where they can help us. And they give us instruction on how to or mentorship more to just using VR and developing for it.”

Joining a club at Foothill College can significantly enhance your college experience and prepare you for future success. Aside from the friends you may make, it’s about enriching your educational experience and your personal growth. The advantages are numerous, ranging from building a support network to developing critical life skills and preparing for your future career. So don’t hesitate to explore the opportunities available to you in Foothill’s social and academic clubs. It’s an investment that can pay off in countless ways throughout your college journey and beyond.

A list of all the clubs on campus for the Fall 2023 school year can be found here, as well as information on meeting times and contact info.

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