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Behind the Scenes: Crafting a Student Film That Celebrates the Power of Friendship

BTS photo from “Tell Your Friends”.

In the bustling halls of Foothill College’s film department, a dedicated team of aspiring filmmakers is hard at work bringing a unique vision to life. Their latest project? A drama and dark comedy hybrid titled “Tell Your Friends,” a tale about the intricate and powerful nature of friendship during the darkest of times, where these bonds can transform into family.

From the initial spark of inspiration to the final frame, the journey of creating “Tell Your Friends” has been a testament to the passion, dedication, and sheer hard work of its cast and crew. From waking up at five in the morning to set up a scene for success to shooting until two in the morning to get the perfect take, every scene lies a story of collaboration, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to bringing this compelling narrative to life.

“A lot of hours went into this project to make this film experience on-set and on-screen as authentic as possible,” explains Mason Carter, the driving force behind the project. “Even before we started filming, we were spending at least four to five hours per week in a meeting on campus talking about the story-line to make sure it was good for about four months”

The script, penned by Lucas Corral, serves as the foundation upon which the film is built, weaving together moments of heartfelt emotion with razor-sharp wit and humor. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences and real-life friendships, the story unfolds the complexities of adulthood and the robust nature of friendship through the lives of these four friends who find themselves and their community through navigating life’s most difficult moments together.

“I’m a big fan of characters over plot. So ‘drama’ felt like the right genre for this story. It also gave the project a sense of tangibility,” says Corral. “[Also] because we are dealing with such a heavy subject matter…it’s important that our characters provide a sense of levity in the face of that. The humor comes from their interactions and how they choose to overcome various obstacles throughout the story. It’s more natural like that.” 

As casting began, the filmmakers embarked on a search to find actors who could breathe life into the story’s central characters. Countless auditions were held, each one an opportunity to discover performers who not only embodied the essence of their roles but also shared a genuine chemistry with one another.

“Foundationally, I wanted the relationship between the characters to resemble the relationship between the actors off-set,” explains Carter. “We [the creators] hosted table reads, created group chats for the actors and actresses, so that before shooting, they were able to bond with each other and have that relationship with one another.”

For the cast, the opportunity to portray characters grappling with love, loss, and the complexities of friendship was both a challenge and a privilege. From intensive rehearsals to late-night filming sessions, each actor poured their heart and soul into their performance, infusing their characters with depth, nuance, and humanity.

“Our second to last shoot day, I had a pretty intense scene with Kai Woodley…I could feel the intensity from the other character and this helped me in performing adjacent to him,” says Adrian Ronquillo, who plays the film’s protagonist. “As a whole, I’ve gotten more experience working directors and other crew positions on set, which will be invaluable in the long-run…perhaps taking away from their methodologies can help my own in and out of set.” 

As “Tell Your Friends” nears completion, the anticipation among the cast and crew is palpable. The runtime is over 30 minutes, much longer than your average student film. This highlights the intense hard work that the cast and crew contributed over the production. For many, the film represents more than just a creative endeavor—it’s a labor of love, a testament to the enduring power of friendship, and a celebration of the magic of cinema.

“As filmmakers, our ultimate goal is to see the final result of this movie and on the big screen,” says Carter. “In addition, with ‘Tell Your Friends,’ we hope the audience will respond well and relate to the idea of friends, friendships, and that connection in their own lives.”

As the final touches are put in place and the premiere date looms on the horizon, one thing is clear: “Tell Your Friends” is more than just a student film—it’s a testament to the passion, dedication, and hard work of a group of filmmakers who dared to dream big and create something truly special. And as audiences prepare to embark on this cinematic journey, they do so with the knowledge that sometimes, the darkest of times can bring out the strongest of friendships creating bonds truly stronger than blood. 

Join the team at Appreciation Hall on June 27th, 2024, from 7:00pm to 9:00pm for the premiere of “Tell Your Friends,” presented by the Foothill Film Club. Reserve your free ticket on Instagram @foothillfpc.

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