2017-2018 Staff

Cynthia Li

Staff Writer

Temporarily in exile, a trauma dealer and snow shoveler, studying the drainage into the Unknown. A part of you and me as we are. My interests include pinball machines and records of the Does.

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Brian So

Staff Writer

Hello, I am Brian So. I am currently a third year at Foothill College. I am currently pursuing a Communications major. I joined The Script the fall quarter of 2017 and I am currently serving as a Staff Writer for The Script s...

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Stephen So

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Stephen, I am an international student from Singapore and a business major at Foothill College. Other than writing for The Script, I also serve as the vice-president of the Business and Entrepreneurship Club...

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Zahra Muzaffar

News and Politics Editor

Hi, I'm Zahra Muzaffar, a first year at Foothill College double majoring in Economics and Political Science.  I currently serve as the News and Politics Section Editor. When I'm not working, in school, or producing ...

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Serena Phanitdasack

Staff Photographer

Hello! I'm Serena Phanitdasack, a first year student at Foothill pursuing a business major. I'm originally from Florida and moved out here in pursuit of a business and tech career, hopefully in MIS. I'm a member of the Business...

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Clayton Nagle

Staff Writer

I am a 3rd year student at Foothill College, and I am a Political Science major.  Having taken time away from school and returning at a later age, I have a different perspective than other students on some issues.  I was formally...

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Alix Schoback

News and Politics Editor

Hey, I’m Alix! I’m a News and Politics Editor here at the Script, and a Political Science major. I’m also a member of Foothill’s pre-law club, and am especially interested in research and activism. In my free time, you...

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Nicole Ronnie Miller

Outreach & Research Director

Hi! I'm Ronnie, and I'm a third-year student studying Mathematics and Environmental Science. I'm a member of our student government, ASFC, as VP of Finance, and treasurer of Foothill's Women in STEM Club. I am passionate about...

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Ben Klein

Editorials Editor

Hi, my name is Ben Klein. I started coming to Foothill in Fall 2016 and joined The Script in Spring 2017. I have a particular interest in videogames and internet culture, and I run a personal blog about it at ludocog.com. Y’know,...

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Rebekah Smith

Managing Editor

Hi! I'm Rebekah Smith, an English major in my first year at Foothill. I write funny things and also not funny things. Eventually I'm hoping to transfer somewhere on the East Coast. I've lived in the Bay Area, specifically San...

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Liza Turchinsky

Editor In Chief

My name is Liza Turchinsky, and I am a second-year Foothill student pursuing a Political Science and Psychology double major. I serve as Editor-in-Chief of The Script for the 2017-18 year. I aim to bring people together, start...

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