Local Band ‘Crow Eats Man’ Amps Up For Release Of New Music

Hailey Knapp-De Grave

Crow Eats Man is Mountain View’s very own home-grown rock band. Officially formed on April Fool’s day in 2016, the band has been anything but a joke beyond their moniker.

With one album – also called Crow Eats Man – already under their belt, they are just about ready to debut their sophomore project – a currently untitled EP – after spending nearly the last three years working on it.

The band went through some style changes during their hiatus, “The second album is more hard-rock, punk,” said Sebastian Sanchez, the band’s vocalist who also plays rhythm guitar. “We didn’t write the first album over again, we wrote something different.”

Other members of the band include, Emily Barnes, drums, Nick Coleman, bass, and both Reku Heims and Elliot Hu play lead and rhythm guitars respectively.

The group originally met in high school, most of the members having already shown increasing interest in music.

Each were doing their own thing, but soon realized they might just be better together than apart.

“We all jammed together, and then we looked at each other and went ‘oh lets just make this a band,'” Sanchez said.

Band member Heims felt the same, “It was completely random and it miraculously worked,” he says.

If some sort of fate brought them together, it was the band’s steady dedication to the music they create that has kept them together. New songs have been written on and off over the course of their recent three-year hiatus. Recording took the band up to Portland for a week in October, where they used the King’s Hill Records studio.

The newly recorded EP will hopefully be released, “as soon as possible,” Heims said.

“We’re just tweaking it,” Coleman added. “Perfecting it.”

While the band mostly agrees on what they want from the group, one thing they did not agree on was the name Crow Eats Man.

Crow Eats Man is from a translated Latin poem, and not everyone was so sold on the idea. “it was literally a temporary name until we came up with something better,” Heims said.

No one liked any of Coleman’s ideas for a name, “I did not want to have anything to do with birds.” Coleman said.

Despite the name disagreements, they remain a close-knit group of friends. Barnes said simply, “I would not be who I am without Crow Eats Man, that’s the only way to put it.”