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How to Beat Procrastination in Winter Quarter

How to Beat Procrastination in Winter Quarter

Cynthia Li, Staff Writer

January 14, 2018

The Winter Quarter is officially here, and with it, so is our old friend -- procrastination. Here are some insights into battling procrastination and tackling the new quarter:   1. The two-minute rule What are you procrastinating on? Write that thing down on a piece of paper or say it o...

What are Psychological Services and Personal Counseling?

Administrative assistant, Patricia Meza Parada, diligently works at her desk in the Psychological Services and Personal Counseling Center

Jocelyn Lombera and Liza Turchinsky

January 9, 2018

Therapy, the process of receiving support either as treatment for a diagnosis or aid for an overwhelming emotion, is often not thought of as an option for students in college. Because even one appointment with a licensed psychologist can be expensive and money is one of the largest concerns for studen...

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