Seeking Audience Questions: ASFC Election Debate

Every spring, the Foothill College student body votes to elect representatives to the Associated Students of Foothill College student government. All students with a Campus Wide ID and Owl Card will be able to vote in these elections. Many of the positions within ASFC directly influence a variety of campus organizations, and the ASFC members set or alter policies that have a direct effect on Foothill students at large. Voting in the upcoming election is the best way to ensure that Foothill student interests are continually fought for within the college administration.

The end of April marks the start of the voting period for positions in the ASFC. On Wednesday, April 25, candidates for all elected positions in the ASFC will partake in a debate hosted by The Script. The questions collected on this form will be selected from and asked to the candidates in the live debate from 12-1 p.m. in the library quad. The Script encourages the Foothill College student body and community to partake in this crucial aspect of a fair election cycle by posing questions around topics that affect our community. To submit questions for candidates to answer during the debate, students can fill out the attached Google form. We believe that accountability and transparency on issues that affect constituents is essential to any governance system.

Submit questions here. 

Positions to be voted on include President, Vice President of Finance, Vice President of the Senate, Vice President of Administration, Vice President of Inter Club Council, Vice President of Activities, and Student Trustee.

For questions, please contact Liza Turchinsky at [email protected] Stay tuned on The Script’s Twitter and Facebook to view live reporting and updates on election coverage.