Owlcast Episode 5: President Thuy Nguyen

Sean MacPherson and Ebrahim Feghhi

Owlcast was fortunate to have our very own Foothill College President Thuy Nguyen on for our fifth episode!

President Thuy, a Yale and UCLA Graduate, is in her first year as Foothill College President. She is the seventh President of Foothill College and is presumed to be the very first Vietnamese American College president in the country. Before coming to Foothill, she held the position of interim general counsel for the California Community College’s Chancellor’s Office advocating for a staggering 72 community college districts and 113 colleges.

In this episode, Owlcast hosts Ebrahim Feghhi, Mike Ji, and I (Sean MacPherson) share our perspectives on our ongoing journeys through higher education and listen to President Thuy’s experiences growing up, her perspectives on various aspects of community college, and her vision to imbue the spirit of service leadership in Foothill going forward. Stay tuned and you may even hear her aspirations to bring boba to campus!

Additionally, check out a more comprehensive version of President Thuy’s remarkable bio here: https://www.foothill.edu/president/bio.php