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Foothill College Unites in Lunar New Year Celebration: A Fusion of East and West


On the vibrant evening of February 15th Foothill College hosted an extraordinary Lunar New Year celebration, curated by the Asian American Association (AAA), that seamlessly blended ancient traditions from the Far East with the contemporary spirit of the West. This event not only showcased rich cultural practices, but also underlined the college’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

The dragon dance, the heartbeat of the celebration, unfolded with lifelike precision, symbolizing renewal and prosperity. The serpentine undulations combined with the scintillating beats created a unique atmosphere blending the line between drama and life. Accompanied by jubilant beats and spirited melodies, the dance aimed to dispel malevolent forces and usher in auspicious beginnings for the year ahead.

The lion dance, a charismatic and at times humorous performance, commanded attention while carrying profound symbolism. Beyond its entertainment value, this traditional display represented courage, strength, and the triumph of good over evil—a narrative that resonated across cultural boundaries.

Integral to the Lunar New Year tradition is the exchange of red envelopes, and this year’s unique twist saw KJ’s, a popular on-campus coffee spot, extending a gift inside each envelope. Attendees eagerly participated in this time-honored ritual, receiving the thoughtful offering of a complimentary coffee of their choice. This simple yet meaningful act underscored the event’s commitment to inclusivity and camaraderie.

The celebration was not just a performance but a cultural exchange, with clubs like the AAA and the Chinese Campus Fellowship warmly embracing attendees. Their friendly and enthusiastic demeanor revealed a genuine desire to share their cultural heritage with the wider Foothill community.

What set this celebration apart was its seamless integration of East Asian traditions into the fabric of Western campus life. Foothill College, by embracing Lunar New Year festivities, not only paid homage to cultural heritage but also demonstrated a commitment to fostering understanding and appreciation for diversity.

The event served as a microcosm of the college’s dedication to creating an inclusive and culturally enriched environment. It showcased the transformative potential clubs have for community-driven initiatives, forging connections, and dispelling cultural divides.

As we reflect on this vibrant Lunar New Year celebration, let it serve as a reminder of the power of cultural exchange and the richness that diversity brings to our campus community. May the Year of the Dragon bring us power, good fortune, and strength with increases in our intelligence, ambition, and charisma. We look forward to more campus events promoting unity, prosperity, and a continued celebration of the myriad cultures that make Foothill College a tapestry of traditions. 

Reporting from the heart of Foothill, CJ Toledo.

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CJ Toledo, Opinion Editor
CJ Toledo is a first-year at Foothill College, double majoring in psychology and philosophy. Always passionate about speaking truth to power, joining the journalism club in school was the next logical step. He hopes to spread a bit of positivity, and awareness in a medium that has been lacking in attention: Newspapers. He also enjoys painting, parkour, and community building. Some other projects besides The Script that he’s involved in include the Stanford Painting Initiative and Spider Parkour.

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