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Anthology of Winter Poetry

Photo By Cristian Iohan Ştefănescu (CC BY 2.0)

Requiem (Petey) (pt.1)

Christmas is here

That time of the year

For happiness and cheer

Families full of smiles and laughter 

How could they not

 That Christmas magic is in the air

Or at least that’s what they say

But St. Nick must’ve ran out on that day


The phone rang and it rang and it rang and it rang

Until it stopped

And then there was silence

An anxious silence

The kind where you could hear a pin drop

The kind where you can hear your heart screaming in your chest

With each beat of its scared drum

Hoping, praying, and PLEADING that the pin does not drop

But it does

And when it hits the ground it shakes the earth

Momma’s crying now and Daddy is too

My mother wrapped me in her arms

To protect me and to quell her own fear

 They say a mother is her son’s first love

And a son is a mother’s last

I held your mother in my arms

Her last love had passed

January 25th 2023 

All black everything

Strained smiles on our faces

The family gathered as one in the unhappiest of places

I’m sorry, Lord, no disrespect is meant

But you took him from us so it’s only right that I vent

22 years old with so much left to see

I wish you’d gotten your flowers while you could smell them

I wish I could turn the hands of the clock on this church wall backwards

 And go back so I can tell you I love you one last time

But that time will never come

As the hands on the clock spun

Your mother’s cries shook the room

 As a symphony of heartstrings wept

And broke in unison as we said goodbye 


Goodbye Forever

It just doesn’t feel right

How can you be gone just like that

How can I say goodbye when we never did all the things we said we would as kids,

On Escuela Avenue by the old rusty swing set

Jumping off the swings so high you would have thought we’d fly off together into the sunset

Well at least now you’re up there flying high

 And while My feet are planted firmly on the ground 

I can’t help but feel that Forever feels like such a mighty long time

November (Solace) has come (pt.2)

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared of death

It’s always crept its ugly head around every corner

One day I could be here and then the next POOF gone

And those anxiety attacks I used to have only made it feel closer

This Christmas wasn’t my first dance with death 

It looked me right in the eyes

5 years ago when Ceci died

She was young 


It made death a reality

A death in the family 

Shakes everyone to their core

That’s when I first learned about the weight of forever

With death comes grief and

I know grief well

Grief grips your soul at every second of every minute of every hour

24 hours a day

7 days a week

Grief pulls at your heartstrings and plays it at its own tempo

Grief picks your scabs and stubs your toe

Grief beats you black and blue

Grief brings you to your knees

And yet

Grief is a friend

And that I mean in the truest

Because grief also heals

Grief is all the unexpressed love that I feel

It’s how much I miss you

Your lives weren’t perfect and neither were you

But you is all you needed to be

The physical may not remain

But just as death is certain

So is the fact that I’ll see you again in November

En nuestra cultura la muerte no se el fin

Es un comienzo nuevo

Hay un dia

Que es Refugio para las madres afligidas

Y padres sin consuelo

Un día al año

Donde de nuevo podremos estar juntos

Donde nos reiremos y cantaremos hasta que grite el gallo

Donde tu madre y padre sonreirán de nuevo

La pasaremos de fiesta como ustedes hubieran querido

Pero Por lo mientras

Los seres difuntos no mueren si viven en nuestra mente y corazón

Los tendré siempre conmigo

“Singing a secret song for you every night we are apart”

As my tears pour out like libations

I’ll be waiting for you

Till November

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