Club of the Month: Pre-Law Club


Pre-Law Club’s booth at club day held on the 29th of November | Kathy Honcharuk

The Pre-Law Club, a recent addition to Foothill’s club roster, amasses students of varying interests and diverse backgrounds — unites them through their common passion, and goal, of one day shaping the world through their knowledge of the legal system. The club has a vested interest in improving our campus community, holding events, and weekly meetings, where members analyze current news and discuss the present-day legal climate.

Pre-Law Club members reppin’ with their own t-shirts | Kathy Honcharuk

The club was founded to help supplement Foothills legal studies program, which students have found isn’t established or comprehensive enough to effectively prepare future law students. “The goal is to inform students about what it means to be pre-law, [and] the nuances of each sector of law” said Jessica Trinity Soh, Political Science major and Vice President of the club. Soh says that the club is non-exclusive, nonpartisan, and welcomes a variety of viewpoints. Soh also describes the atmosphere as “close knit” but is hoping to spread the word that newcomers are welcome, and that there are options for students who hope to one day pursue a degree in law.

Political Science students, like Soh, make up the vast majority of the Pre-Law Club. However, there are others represented on the team. “We have a finance major, economics major, and business” said Soh. But there are also some areas of study lacking representation, such as STEM, whose members would benefit from a greater background in legal studies. “Doctors, for example, face malpractice suits, and researchers need legal authority and patents.” The Pre-Law Club hopes to attract future members from all different areas of study, who, like all of us, are affected by the law.

The conversation at meetings is usually centered on a current event or court case. “For example, I presented on an affirmative action case” says Soh, “and we talked about our personal experiences and what we think of affirmative action.” Students in the club often find themselves engaging in such discussions outside the classroom too; as students have compiled their resources to help members establish connections and gain access to internship opportunities, assistance positions, and scholarships.

Doctor Mark Harmon, Professor of Political Science and Business, acts as the advisor to the Pre-Law Club and emphasizes the clubs goal in obtaining a higher visibility level on the Foothill campus. Since 2003, Harmon has been a licensed attorney in the state of California. He received his PhD in political science from Yale University, and specializes business law here at Foothill.

Law is widely applicable throughout our lives, a fact that club members often focus on when discussing their passion for the many facets and functions of studying the law — or planning for a career in it.  The Pre-Law Club hopes to strengthen the Foothill community by helping students understand the ins and outs of our legal system, more importantly, in helping our campus grow closer through holding events and stimulating a dialogue that encourages students to get educated about their rights.

A panel called “Lunch with Lawyers” hosted by the Pre-Law Club | Pre-Law Club member

Timothy Vo, 19 and a Political Science major, currently serves as the club’s creative director, and found an opportunity to combine his varied interests through his participation in the pre-law club. “As an individual who thrives on creativity and color, I knew that I wanted to further my skills in art by using the Pre-Law Club as my platform”, said Vo.

Vo, who initially had little interest in joining on campus clubs, got involved through an online course where he became connected with the clubs current Events and Communications director.  He was encouraged to attend a meeting, and see if it was something he could add to his schedule. “Here’s the real point I’m trying to make — you have to get out of your comfort zone and reach out to others, regardless of the outcome. For those wanting to get involved in the Pre-Law Club, attend a meeting to see if it is right for you”, Vo continued, “I believe that everyone has a talent, skill, and gift that could generate a positive impact within the club and beyond.”

What’s consistent throughout the Pre-Law Club at Foothill is dedication. As a club comprised of individuals from all different backgrounds and interests, Pre-Law Club represents some of the best that the Foothill community has to offer. Whether you are an artist, future STEM leader, or political junkie – the Pre-Law Club has something for you. Its designation as the ‘Club of the Month’ speaks to its wide-spread inclusivity, and the sweeping potential of its members.

For those interested, contact ICC representative and Club President Matthew Schurz, ([email protected]) or Outreach Director Alex Schoback ([email protected]) to get involved in the pre-law community and understand how the law applies to you.