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Enrollment Drops at Foothill College: Classes and Budget at Stake

Elected student body representatives, faculty, and students gather in the ASFC office during finals week

Liza Turchinsky and Clayton Nagle

February 1, 2018

As a public institution, Foothill College is dependent on enrollment to receive funding from the state. In line with trends amongst a majority of community colleges across California, the Foothill-De Anza district has suffered from a decline in student enrollment in recent years according to Foothill Pre...

Physical Education at Foothill College

Physical Education at Foothill College

Aditi Pandey, Contributor

December 1, 2017

Just because a class isn’t a GE or doesn’t transfer to a UC or CSU doesn’t mean it’s not valuable. For example, some of Foothill’s most beneficial classes are physical education courses. For the upcoming winter quarter, Foothill is offering 119 sections for fifty-eight different physical e...

Math Anxiety is Real

Math Anxiety is Real

Tess Waerneman, Contributor

September 11, 2017

Math Anxiety is Real ...and this is what you can do about it       Do you start to sweat at the mere thought of a math test? What if I told you that there are scientific explanations for all of your fears and anxiety? And what if I told you that the statement “I’m not a math person!” s...

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