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Do you have information for The Script’s next big story? If you have tips, documents, or stories related to events, allegations, controversy, or scandal in the Foothill-De Anza district or local community, please email The Script’s senior staff at [email protected]. All documents must be verified before proceeding with any investigation, and The Script may ask for additional proof of any claims stated. Please do not send opinion pieces, feedback, press releases, or staff applications through these channels.

For more secure messaging, please reach us on Signal at: 650-690-2874


Adapted from The New York Times:

What Makes a Good Tip?

A strong news tip will have several components. Documentation or evidence is essential. Speculating or having a hunch does not rise to the level of a tip. A good news tip should articulate a clear and understandable issue or problem with real-world consequences. Be specific. Finally, a news tip should be newsworthy. While we agree it is unfair that your neighbor is stealing cable, we would not write a story about it.

Examples of good tips include:

Here is evidence that this college representative is breaking the law.

Here is proof that this local company is conducting itself unethically.

We will be reviewing messages regularly, but cannot promise each will receive an individual response. There are multiple ways to submit tips. Each method provides different levels of protection, so we encourage you to be certain of the pros and cons of the method you choose. We will respond to tips using the same method in which they were submitted. For example, if you submit a tip to us with Signal, we will only respond to you using Signal.

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