Josh Gomez, Contributing writer

There is very little I care about and the holes in my heart are the size of boulders

Maybe my lack of empathy is caused by my getting older

Maybe it’s my realization that the world is cruel and harsh and day by day it just seems to get colder

If I took a day and wrote down every act of hate, abuse, racism, sexism and evil I’ve seen it would be enough to fill a twin tower sized folder

These things have benumbed me because when I see a starving girl my first instinct is to look away when in my human nature it should be to hold her

If my emotions and compassion were my friend then I have done nothing but give her the cold shoulder

Even my subconscious knows that I’ve abandoned my feelings and in my dreams she cries and my mind wraps its arms around our dear friend and consoles her

She cries deeply and harshly often gasping for air in between the bellows and I watch as each and every sob unfolds her

Baron she lay on the floor of my thoughts stripped of all her beauty and gold and I notice that she has become older

The blood drain from her body and she is crumpled and no longer warm but




The holes in my heart are the size of boulders