Day 1 of ASFC’s “De-Stress Fest”: Meditation & Mindfulness


Clayton Nagle

Foothill College’s meditation room, located in the ASFC office

“De-Stress Fest” is a week-long series organized by the Associated Students of Foothill College (ASFC) to address the issue of mental health and provide some aid to students in need in the lead-up to final examinations. Inspired both by the death of one of her favorite artists, Lil Peep, and her presidential campaign, which was based on a platform of mental health advocacy, ASFC President Danya Adib has worked to create a different event each day to both raise awareness and promote student health.  

Adib stated that the De-Stress Fest “[provides] an invitation for students to not only come physically into the ASFC office, but also to find access to resources such as psychological counseling services and meditation club… to show students that we’re here and we have their back, and we all go through this together.”

The series kicked off with “Meditation Monday,” led by ICC vice president Ebrahim Feghhi. The event was held inside the meditation room, which is attached to the ASFC office. Inspired by Foothill Professor Anand Venkataraman, who hosts his own meditation sessions from seven to eight AM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, Feghhi sat students down for ten minutes of guided mindfulness meditation, a practice centered around focusing on one’s own self and thoughts to avoid being overwhelmed by the external world.

“I’ve been going to Professor Anand’s meditation sittings, however they’re held in the mornings, so I really wanted to provide something for students interested in afternoon sessions” said Feghhi of his desire to host meditation for other students.

The meditation session was not time consuming, and a technique students could easily employ at home. Just taking a few minutes of mindful meditation every day can work to combat depression, stress, and help general health and recovery.

Feghhi stated that meditation has been beneficial in his own life, by helping him to “just realiz[e] that the purpose/main goals of life is to enjoy being conscious, and then center… my whole life around achieving that goal.”

ASFC’s “De-Stress Fest” will continue through Thursday; students can find the schedule of events here.  While there won’t be further meditation seminars, the meditation room is open for student use. Those who wish to arrive at school at seven AM can attend Professor Venkataraman’s sessions themselves.