Slipping in the Rain: Please Walk Carefully!

Cynthia Li, Staff Writer

It is now raining like a summer day in my hometown. I did hear that California is in a drought. Am I supposed to feel happy?

Then I slipped with one knee to the floor, on the way from the bus stop to the class, while I was having messy thought streams in my head like usual. My reflex is quick: thanks to my genetic ancestors’ biological adaptations, I wouldn’t bleed to death. Then I checked — I didn’t bleed at all. I thought I wouldn’t have done that — after all, I was wearing sneakers!

But why was I being so careless, walking like a champion, instantly embarrassing myself? My field of vision was limited to only the few inches above the floor with all four on the ground, but some young male and female voices came up from the back towards me.

“Are you ok?”

Such a relief nobody is laughing at me! Instead, their voices were just reassuring me that it was indeed slippery, and I made an understandable mistake.

At that moment I really made a decision; I am going to be kind to strangers. They could be really good people even if they don’t look that happy.

While I ascended up the stairs, another girl slipped a little on one foot, ended up sitting on the stair, and froze in the position, probably shocked.

“Are you ok?” I asked. “Yeah, I did that too. Be careful!”