A Game for the Ages: The Owls Claim a Spot in Playoffs


The Foothill Owls faced off against the Los Medanos Mustangs, a conference rival, at home this past Saturday. This game will likely be coined as one of the most stress-inducing games of this season by both the team and the fans due to what was on the line at kickoff. The potential of losing their perfect home record, especially for sophomores leaving Foothill next year, and the chance of clinching the conference and a playoff spot were all pressing issues for the Owls. After both teams went back and forth throughout the entire game, the Owls ultimately came out with a 27-26 win over the Los Medanos Mustangs in overtime. 

Serena Phanitdasack

This close victory exemplified four standout qualities of this year’s team and season:


The Owls like to keep their fans happy

This is as simple as it comes: The Owls came home one last time to play in front of their fans. As if the last home game was already not dramatic enough, the closely fought battle between the Owls and the Mustangs was enough to keep anyone in the edge of their seat. The Owls were able to send their fans home happy, winning their last Foothill stadium game and ending with a perfect home record at 5-0.

Sheryl Guaio


Foothill clinched a playoff spot

Although the Owls came into the game after two losses, they were still set up to claim a playoff spot. The Owls were tied for first in their conference: the team that was in their way? None other than the Mustangs. Both the Mustangs and Owls had a 2-1 conference record. In the end, the Owls’ victory buoyed the team for a 3-1 record with their playoff spot locked in; dropping the Mustangs to third in the conference at 2-2.

Sheryl Guiao


The game was a perfect send off for the sophomores

Coming into this last home game, the Owls had 15 sophomores playing in their last game in front of their home crowd: Chip Norton, Isaac Brown, Victor Ruiz, Victor Lopez, Maui Abraha, Brendan Cote, Emery Doss, Jason Wagner, Lee Mauga, Michael Hern, Michael How, Tommy Cook, Andrew Cairns, Victor Rodriguez, and Ofisa Pati are all playing their final season at Foothill. These 15 sophomores could not have asked for a better way to close out the homestand.

Serena Phanitdasack


The Foothill Owls’ “bend, but not break” attitude

The Owls were on a two game losing streak coming into Saturday’s game, having been outplayed both on the offensive and the defensive side of the ball. The team was blown out in both games, losing by two or more possessions. Glimpses of persistence were seen throughout the game again and again when the Owls, down 17-20, drove down the field to score a game-tying field goal with 7 seconds left. Despite giving up a potential game-losing touchdown to the Mustangs, they blocked Los Medanos’ PAT, scored a touchdown of their own, and kicked the game-winning PAT. Marcos Anton, who kicked the game-winning point, said in an interview following the game that “[He] was new to the game of football, and it feels great to be able to go through this experience with the team.”

There were a lot of highs and lows throughout this game. But as of right now, a win is a win — the Owls have reason to celebrate as they make their way toward the playoffs.