About Us

Foothill’s The Script is an online publication created by the Foothill Student Journalism Club. We are a diverse group of STEM, social science and humanities majors from a broad set of backgrounds. We saw journalism as a key opportunity to vocalize the concerns and views of a largely voiceless community and to create and deepen cross-club and cultural ties on campus.

Mission Statement

The Student Journalism Club will imbue Foothill College students with skills to approach journalism with a strict adherence to Journalistic Ethics. We will connect the diverse Foothill communities by creating an environment of collaboration. Moreover, we will provide a platform for Foothill students to contribute their unique perspectives on student life, current events, and local culture.

Come join us on Fridays from 12-2 in Room 3504 if you’re interested in becoming involved or contact us at [email protected].

The Student News Site of Foothill College
About Us