ASFC Candidates Speak Out!

April 30, 2017

Election Season is upon Us! Get an early start on deciding whom to vote for by hearing straight from the candidates! Below you will find a short job description and videos of the opposed candidates.


VP Of Senate

VP of Senate Speeches

The VP of Senate is responsible for overseeing the programs being implemented by Senators. Such programs have in the past included extending library hours during finals week and regular exercise routines in the library quad.

The Candidates are:

Jean Lee [Watch Here]

Matthew Schurz [Watch Here]

VP Of Finance

The VP of Finance is responsible for chairing the Finance Board which reviews fund requests from Foothill students.

The Candidates are

Ronnie Miller [Watch Here]

Anurag Shrestha [Watch Here]



VP Of Administration

This year, the Marketing and Administration Boards are merging, giving the VP of Admin greater powers. The VP of Admin oversees the implementation of various ASFC priorities including sustainability, technological literacy and student government elections.

The candidates are:

David Wan [Watch Here]

Emily Crist [Watch Here]


The VP of ICC chairs the ICC Board, the primary point of contact between clubs and ASFC. This weighty position ensures the meetings run smoothly and clubs are properly updated on rules and procedures.

The Candidates are:

Charles Chiou [Watch Here]

Ebrahim Feghhi [Watch Here]

James Morrin [Watch Here]

Student Trustee

The Student Trustee speaks at the Board of Trustees for the Foothill-De Anza District (which oversees funding for the colleges) on behalf of students.

The Candidates are:

Chinwe Idika [Watch Here]

Choihou Leong [Watch Here]

ASFC President

Last but not least, the ASFC President is responsible for ensuring the administration runs smoothly and sets priority issues for the ASFC to tackle. We learned more about their platforms at the debate we hosted on Friday.

The Candidates are:

Bret Gustafson [Watch Here]

Danya Adib [Watch Here]

Veronica Bliss [Watch Here]


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