Letter from the editor | Fall 2019

Dear fellow students,

In our very first issue of The Foothill Poppy you will read about our undefeated football team,  our home-grown rock band, and the Foothill class that will teach you wisdom skills. We also look at the politics of health care, education and economics. Since 2020 is an election year, I hope that these articles get you excited to cast your vote!

In 2018, I spent two months in Arizona trying to convince people to vote in the midterm elections. I heard the same lines over and over. “I don’t care about politics.” “All politicians are the same.” “Nothing ever changes anyway.”

As frustrating as politics can be, the people we elect to office and the policies they enact have a massive effect on our lives. 

In this issue, Lydia Jungkind writes about the drastic differences between our healthcare system and the one in her home country of Germany. I write about universal basic income, a proposal to tackle income inequality.

The next president will decide the future of our country. But it’s not just who we choose for president that matters. An article by Larry Larkin describes a new law that will change the lives of college athletes in California. It was written by California state senators you’ve probably never heard of. So if you care about change, don’t forget about the down-ballot candidates.


Chloe Lischinsky