Partying for a cause

Frank Bautista

Many startup companies begin in a garage, but for Roberto Alverez, most commonly known as “Tito,” he discovered his gift for organizing events when he would put parties together after work.

Alvarez, founder and CEO of Chaselove Homeless Outreach, would message a couple of his friends to come over and party at his house while still at work. 

He would have a friend pick up the keys to let people into the house, because he would be working. 

By the time Alvarez would get home, the party would be in full-swing. 

“I would show up with my burrito and orange juice,” says Alvarez.

Alvarez describes his parties as being big with a lot of people he didn’t know. A lot of his friends at one point were strangers that he met at his own parties. 

Angel Aguilar was one of them, and now he’s one of Alvarez’s closest friends who helped create Chaselove.

Alvarez decided to use his people skills and friendly personality for good. He decided to help out the homeless in the only way he knew how.

With the help of his closest friends and family, he was able to create the organization many in his community know as Chaselove.

Walking into a Chaselove event, you might think you are walking into a party, concert and art expo all rolled into one. 

You see a wide variety of artists, DJs, poets, painters, rappers, live bands, solo artists, singers, and fashion designers, to name a few.

But there’s a method to the variety. At Chaselove, many talented people get together for one purpose – to help the homeless while doing what they love to do.

Chaselove has several events throughout the year and can be broken down into two categories, fundraiser and outreach events. 

The fundraiser events include Cafe Con Leche, Pura Vida and the main event, the Chaselove Experience Summer/Winter Homeless Outreach Fundraiser.

Latin American cultural concepts can be seen within the organization.

“Chaselove is an organization that uses culture to make a difference in the community,” says Alvarez.

Cafe con Leche is one of many Chaselove events, it’s one event that has a more intimate feel. 

“In Latino culture, it’s always a thing where parents invite their friends to come over the house and have coffee and talk for hours,” says Alvarez. “People can hold conversations and just be honest. I always thought that was a cool idea to implement into the shows.”

His goal with Cafe con Leche has a theme throughout the show. 

“It’s an open place to be vulnerable and creative,” he says.

Pura Vida is the newest addition of shows hosted Chaselove. It’s a fashion show where fashion designers have an opportunity to showcase their clothing designs. 

The lastest Pura Vida show’s theme was Costa Rica’s traditional clothing, which local models wore down the runway.

Pura Vida  is a name that comes from Costa Rica, and translates to “simple life.” The same way in Hawaii people will say ‘Aloha.’

Alvarez is finding new and creative ways to bring the community together to make a difference, with the outreach side of Chaselove including Tito’s BBQ, Socks of Love, El Recalentado (The leftovers) and Heaven on Wheels Homeless Outreach Event.

The idea behind Tito’s BBQ came about by Alvarez wanting to spend his own birthday with the least fortunate. He brings food, clothes, brand new socks and undergarments, hygiene supplies and basic necessities. 

He invites people via social media to join in.

Socks of love is typically done during the winter. Alvarez, after spending time with the homeless and asking them what they need the most, realized they needed socks to help them stay warm. 

Alvarez is a man of faith in Jesus; however, what he does isn’t Christian.

“I am not going to say ‘chase Jesus,’ I am going to say chase love, but I want you to know that for me God is love,” says Alvarez. 

With a strong drive to make a difference, Alvarez wants to help others make a difference, too. 

“Tell me what you are passionate about,” he says. “And I’ll do something with that.”