Promo: Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Club

Committed to its research to understand the creation of intelligent machines and their ability to think and learn, Foothill College’s Cognitive Science and Artificial Intelligence Club are on the rise with new and developmental data. The Club places an emphasis on machine learning, algorithmic language, and the role of analytics in determining potential projects. The club has also been in close contact with Stanford University, attending workshops and presentations led by professors, innovators, and engineers that deeper explore the subject.


Operating in Silicon Valley, considered to be the home and source of technology, startups, innovation and tech policy, the club has begun to explore the “why?” and “how?” of our daily surroundings. Foothill College — with its leading and outstanding academic performance — has yet to include courses that explore the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence. This was the driving force for establishing a group on campus that has the opportunity to further the research of cognitive science and AI.


The club has created an atmosphere that includes a spectrum of interests. Members comprise a range of diverse abilities — from computer science to environmental policy and communications majors, the group has tackled both the technical and nontechnical side of AI. This enables those who may not have experience or interest in STEM areas to express themselves and bring their own creativity to the club.

Members of the Cognitive Science and Artifical Intelligence Club pose in the STEM Center.